[Dr Brown’s] Premium Wide Neck BreastMilk Collection / Storage Bottle – 120ml

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Feature & Benefits

  • Specifically designed to fit Dr Brown’s breastpump change to fit all wide neck breast pump
  • Keeps breastmilk fresh during refrigerator or freezer storage
  • Small bottle size 4oz/120ml is ideal for breastmilk collection

Product Description

A set of 3 bottles to collect and store your breastmilk.

What’s includes

1 box x 3 pcs Wide Neck Bottles (120ml/4oz)



Sterilise bottles and caps before use. These bottles are for collection and storage of expressed breastmilk. Once collection is complete, securely seal the bottle with the sealing cap included. Sealed bottles are fit for storage in the refrigerator or freezer. After every use, sterilize or wash bottles and caps in warm soapy water or top rack of dishwasher.

To thaw breaskmilk, place sealed collection bottle in refrigerator or run under cool tap water. To warm breaskmilk, place sealed collection bottle n warm tap water. Always check milk temperature before feeding baby.

Do not microware breastmilk or bottles containing breastmilk. Do not thaw breaskmilk in very hot or boiling water. Once thawed, do not refreeze or refrigerate breastmilk again.

Keep all components not in use out of reach of children. Keep teats out of direct sunlight when not in use. Sunlight is known to cause deterioration of teats.

Additional information

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